Apple to re-ignite the iPod brand with new release

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Apple have been recently neglecting the iPod brand by killing off various iPods from their lineup such as the iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

The only iPod that remains standing today and is still sold by Apple is the iPod Touch series. Since launch, we have seen 6 iterations of the iPod Touch device which has evolved over time.

Rumours are however now circulating during CES 2019 with suppliers hinting at the fact that Apple is to re-ignite the iPod brand with a new iteration of the iPod touch.

ipod touch all generations


It makes sense from a manufacturing perspective to keep the iPod Touch alive. This is because the iPod uses similar parts to the iPhone as well as the similar technology. You could basically say it is an iPhone without the phone aspect, still able to use apps, take pictures, surf the web and more.

So as the iPod Touch 6th generation is now lagging further and further behind the iPhone in terms of tech, it does make sense for Apple to use the existing iPhone tech (perhaps based on the XR?) and refresh the iPod Touch lineup with a 7th generation iteration.

The iPods would be mostly aimed at the younger generation as well as runners/joggers alike. Today the pricing for the iPod Touch device ranges between £199 and £299 depending on the spec purchased. The device is now only available in 2 configuration options which are the 32GB model and 128GB model. In the past we have seen the device available in 16GB and 64GB variations as well. There are also as you would expect various colour options available.


ipod touch colors


From a services point of view, keeping the iPod alive also makes sense due to Apple heavily pushing their Apple Music subscription service which is similar to the well known Spotify.

The iPod being essentially a music player device, it is likely that Apple believe they can potentially boost subscriptions to their Apple Music services as well as iTunes purchases for music, movies and more.

This could also boost other sectors such as Apple’s Beats with headphones and accessory sales. So it is definitely clear to why Apple aren’t done with the iPod lineup just yet.


As mentioned, we feel that the iPod Touch 7th generation could be based on the latest iPhone XR tech and look. See below what the iPod Touch 7th Generation could potentially look like:


ipod touch 7th mockup

So how do you feel about the iPod Touch being revived? Is this something you would be interested in purchasing yourself? Let us know in the comments section below what you would love to see.

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