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Sell iPad 3 WIFI + 4G

We pay up to £40.00

The iPad 3 was released in 2012 as the third generation of tablets sold by Apple.  The iPad 3 had additional features of Retina display, a higher megapixel camera for photos and recording than the iPad 2 and saw it’s processor upgraded to Apple’s new A5X with quad-core graphics.  The iPad 3 is available in two different colours; the front glass panel either comes in black or white, and the device is also available with 16, 32 or 64GB storage.  This model enables the user to browse the internet when connected to WiFi or 4G, or as otherwise known and used in Apple’s marketing, when connected to ‘cellular’.

iCloudPlease ensure you remove your iCloud account from this device before sending your device to us.

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