10 Things The iPod 2017 Reboot Needs

iPod Classic Reboot

It is no secret that the iPod is a diminishing brand for Apple, with sales dropping and the iPod not being promoted as it once was. It is fair to assume that the iPod certainly needs a reboot to become great again.

The issue here is the iPhone has a build in music app, a device most Apple fans will already own. So is there much need for an iPod touch with an iPhone already in hand? Perhaps an iPod Shuffle would be useful for joggers and maybe even the iPod Nano if you require Bluetooth capabilities. But one iPod stands out from the rest, that is the iPod Classic which was discontinued around 2014.

What the hardcore music fan requires is a reboot of the popular model with all the bells and whistles the predecessor lacked.

Here is what we feel would make new grounds for a potential iPod reboot:


  • iPod form factor
    1) Keep the same form factor keeping the click wheel, however the metallic rear cover should be dropped (as it was prone to scratches) and the thickness should be slimmed down as much as possible.
  • iPod classic bluetooth 4.1
    2) Add Bluetooth 4.1 capability to the device, the last model released lacked this completely.
  • iPod wifi
    3) Add WIFI to the device, only to be used for streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify etc.
  • iPod flash chip
    4) Include flash storage ditching the mechanical hard drive, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models.
  • iPod usb-c
    5) Remove the old dock connector replacing it with the lightning adapter or USB C (3.1). Fast charge capable and fast sync speeds.
  • flac iPod
    6) Include support for FLAC files (lossless audio files), this is unlikely considering iTunes pushes MP3 files. But perhaps the iTunes store could do with an update to support this.
  • wolfson iPod chip
    7) Do not sacrifice on sound quality, integrating a top end Wolfson DAC audio chip would ensure happy ears.
  • retina iPod
    8) Update the screen to a Retina display, viewing album art and information in all its glory.
  • iPod optical out
    9) Add an optical out port as well as keeping the headphone jack.
  • iPod beats
    10) Incorporate Beats technology into the device, potentially throw in some basic Beats branded earphones as well as bundle deals with the more premium Beats range.


Creating such a masterpiece would surely put the iPod back on track and would cause a buzz. Do you agree with the 10 points above? Anything we missed or you would like to see? Let us know your thoughts below!

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