How it works?

Selling your unwanted gadgets to us couldn’t be easier! There are only three steps involved; unless of course you would like to count sitting back and relaxing as an extra step!


Step One: Find Your Gadget On Our Website

Make use of the menu at the top of the website or the search bar to find the gadget(s) you are looking to sell. Once you have found your gadget choose the condition of your gadget (you can use the condition guide as a reference) and the memory size (if applicable). Once chosen you will be able to add your gadget to the cart!


Step Two: Complete Checkout Process

If you have used Gadget Mill before you can login to your existing account. If not just fill out the form by providing your details. This will not only complete the checkout process, but it will also create a Gadget Mill account for you to use again in the future!


Step Three: Send In Your Gadget

Once you have completed the checkout process this would then place an order on our system. We will then process the order which would in return send you an email. This email will contain an order form to fill in, you can print out this form and fill it in and send it along with your gadget to the address stated in the email. If you don’t have access to a printer there is no need to worry as you can write the required details down on a plain piece of paper and send it along with your gadget instead.

Please Note: We expect to receive your order within 30 days of placing the order, otherwise the order will automatically fail and you will be required to submit another order.

Step Four: Sit Back And Relax

Now that you have sent in your gadget, once received we will test the gadget and make payment via your desired method as stated in the order form within 24 hours! We will be keeping you up to date with the progress of the order, however the first email usually received by our customers is the fact that we have made the full payment to you as it happens all so quickly!