It was reported that on the USA Apple Store, some of the iPod Touch models are lacking availability. Something a bit odd for a product that has been out for quite a while now. It was noticed that some iPod model colour and memory variations were lacking availability until 1-2 weeks time. Could it be that Apple is no longer manufacturing these older models in time for a prominent refresh? The current iPod Touch 6th generation models which are affected in the USA Apple store include:... Read more »
As you may know we are first and foremost a gadget recycling company. We deal primarily with recycling iPod devices and have seen them all from the 1st generation of the notorious iPod Classic 1st to funky custom iPods being sent in. We are also on the other hand, gadget enthusiasts who love to see and experience new tech first hand. From foldable phones which are around the corner to the latest gaming consoles. How the iPod Touch 7th Generation came to light As you may know, we have had some... Read more »
We recently reported a rumor that Apple were to reboot the iPod brand with a new release of the iPod Touch. Namely the 7th generation model. These rumors have now been backed up by model references found in the iOS 12.2 code. The iPod9,1 is a reference to the latest iPod model - most likely the iPod Touch 7th Generation. The 6th generation model on the other hand is referred to as iPod7,1. Another revelation found in the code is the fact that the latest iPod will not feature key... Read more »
Apple have been recently neglecting the iPod brand by killing off various iPods from their lineup such as the iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. The only iPod that remains standing today and is still sold by Apple is the iPod Touch series. Since launch, we have seen 6 iterations of the iPod Touch device which has evolved over time. Rumours are however now circulating during CES 2019 with suppliers hinting at the fact that Apple is to re-ignite the iPod brand with a new iteration of... Read more »
If you are into your gadgets and tech, it is likely that you may have some old retro junk still lying around. Perhaps in your loft or basement in a box somewhere? Or maybe in one of your drawers that has been left untouched for decades! It may be a cliche now, but like the saying goes: 'One man's junk is another man's treasure'. So it might be worth rummaging through your household to find these treasures to make some quick and easy cash! Of course it goes without saying, we are a gadget... Read more »
With 2018 a matter of a day or so away, we are saying goodbye to 2017 by rounding up what we feel are the best gadgets available in the year 2017. 2017 has marked a great year for tech with a lot of new innovations and gadgets made available. Hopefully the next year keeps up this pace and we will be ever so grateful! 1. Galaxy Note 8 Samsung has pulled through with their impressive flagship phablet. Definitely righting the wrongs made from the predecessor. In our opinion this is the... Read more »
Gadget Mill has always believed in providing our customers the best prices for their unwanted gadgets without the hassle. Therefore we are always researching and looking for ways to improve our service and provide added incentives to our customers. Therefore we are very excited to announce that our customers will now have the option to receive payments in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) when selling their gadgets to us. Please see information below that should answer any questions you might... Read more »
Some lucky customers have taken to social media to show off photos and videos of their early deliveries of the iMac Pro. These machines which have a price tag starting from £4899/$4999 were made available to be order from December 14, but are officially due to be delivered early January (2nd-4th) to be exact. Above is a video posted by Mac Otakara, who have tested the device already including running some benchmarking tools to see what kind of performance this beast can really bring... Read more »
As the dust has now started to settle since Floyd Mayweather's illustrious boxing bout against Conor McGregor, it seems fans have picked up on a rather interesting detail regarding 'money' Mayweather's favourite music player device. When the boxer arrived at the T-Mobile arena, he was seen carrying and listening to an unusual and unique iPod. As you would expect from someone representing 'The Money Team AKA TMT' the iPod is said to be made out of gold and diamond encrusted. Fans... Read more »
Remember the iPod? The legendary device which marked the beginning to Apple's venture in the consumer electronics market? 27 July 2017 is the day Apple has finally put an end to the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle line-ups! The iPod Nano devices have been around for over 10 years now and have therefore seen a lot of changes over time. We started off with a classy glossy finish where the first generation was only offered in black and white colours. Since then Apple decided to colourise the... Read more »