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Sell iPod nano today for quick and easy cash. We offer to purchase any Apple iPod MP3 player model in any condition for the best price. Simply select your iPod Nano model listed below, then choose the memory size and the condition of your device for an instant quote! Our gadget recycling service is well established and extremely trustworthy as we have purchased thousands of iPods since starting up. Our recycling service is very easy to use as we have a lot of returning customers looking to sell other devices with us. Our quotes are guaranteed once your order has been approved, this is considering your iPod meets the condition guidelines. The iPod condition guidelines can be found within the selling pages listed below. We also offer various choices of how you can receive payment from us such as Bank Account Transfer, PayPal or Cheque.

Is my iPod a nano?

The iPod Nano range consists of smaller lightweight devices. These particular models include either a click-wheel or touch screen based interface. This device can sometimes be mistaken for the iPod Classic range, however this is indeed the correct category if you have thought of finding a place to ‘sell my iPod Nano’. The click-wheel devices can be found on the 1st generation device up to the 5th generation, whereas the touch screen based devices can be found on the 6th, 7th and 8th generation iPod Nano models. The iPod Nano range is no longer sold as they have been discontinued by Apple. So if you are looking to sell iPod Nano, do ensure you are inspecting your device correctly. Then selecting the correct generation model. More detailed information about the iPod nano can be found on the iPod Nano Wiki.

Which generation is my iPod Nano?

The majority of iPod Nano devices, including the 1st generation up to the 6th generation models make use of the old style 30 pin to USB Apple connector cable. Whereas the 7th and 8th generation devices use Apple’s newer lightning cable connector. Furthermore the iPod Nano range is known for the various colour availability. These devices have been made available in various colours since the 2nd generation release. This also includes availability in the limited edition Product Red models. So if this sounds like your device and you’re thinking ‘where can I sell my iPod nano’. Then we can help you achieve this by ensuring you get the best price offered for your device. Also if you are still unsure of which iPod Nano you have, you can identify your iPod nano model. You may also look at the iPods you can sell listed below and use the images as a rough guideline.

Recycle iPod Nano

So now you are hopefully clear that you have an iPod Nano that you want to sell, used as well as new. We would be more than happy to help you recycle your iPod for the best possible price. If you do however find a better quotation elsewhere when looking to sell iPod Nano, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will try our very best to match the price offered by a competing reputable recycler. To go ahead with the selling process, simply submit an order to sell your iPod, once your order has been approved. You can then send in your device with your order form and we will make payment as soon as possible via your preferred method. It is advisable to clear your personal data before sending in your devices, however as part of the recycling procedure. We ensure your data is wiped as part of the testing process. So not to worry if you are not sure how to do this or have simply forgotten to reset your iPod before sending it in to us.

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