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Sell iPod touch online for the best prices. We buy all generations of iPod touch MP3 players including new and old in any condition and memory size. To sell your iPod Touch model, simply select your iPod model below and tell us which memory size it is as well as the condition it is in for an instant quotation. We are a proud and specialist iPod recycling service and as such have purchased thousands of iPods since launch of our service. We are a trustworthy service with stellar reviews vouching for our easy to use service, not to mention our returning customers who always use us to recycle their unwanted gadgets. Our quotes are guaranteed once your order has been marked as processed considering your iPod is indeed the model mentioned in the order and meets the condition guidelines. When selling to us, you have various payment methods available such as Bank Account Transfer, PayPal and Cheque.

Is my iPod a touch?

The iPod Touch range is considered to be one of the larger device offerings available in terms of device dimensions. These models are always accompanies by a large touch screen hence the name ‘touch’. These iPods always have the ability to connect to WIFI and are able to install apps from the Apple app store. These devices can sometimes be mistaken for an iPod Nano range, however if your device fits the description then you are in the correct category if you were looking to ‘sell my iPod Touch’. The 1st generation device up to the 3rd generation was made available only in the black colour with a chrome back. The 4th generation was the first device which was offered in a black or white colour option again with the chrome back. However the 5th generation iPod touch came with multiple colour offerings and was the first iPod touch without the chrome backing which was notorious for picking up surface scratches. The latest iPod Touch has the A10 fusion chip and is known as the 7th generation model. More information about the iPod Touch and the history behind this model can be found on the iPod Touch Wikipedia Page.

Which generation is my iPod Touch?

The first half of the iPod Touch devices from the 1st generation up to the 4th generation models use the old style 30 pin to USB Apple connector. However the 5th generation up to the latest 7th generation models make use of the well known lightning cable connector. The iPod Touch devices lack colour variety up until the 5th generation model upwards where various colours were introduced. The iPod Touch colour variations also include the limited edition Product Red models. So if this fits the description of your device and you have been thinking ‘where can I sell my iPod touch’. Then you are certainly in the right place to get the best cash price for your device. If you are still not confident in regards to which iPod Touch you have, you can identify your iPod touch model. You may also look at the visual representations below of the iPods as a rough guideline.

Recycle iPod Touch

Now that you have hopefully confirmed that you have an iPod Touch you would like to sell, whether this is used with some wear and tear or brand new and boxed. It would be a pleasure to help you recycle your iPod easy and quickly whilst maintaining a competitive price. If you are able to find a better quote for your iPod touch from another recycling service, then please do not hesitate to reach out to us as we will be more than happy to try our best to match the quote. To go ahead and sell your device today, simply complete an order to sell your iPod. Once this has been processed on our system by a Gadget Mill team member, you can then send in your device. Once received we will go ahead and test your device and make payment via your preferred payment method marked on your order form. Please ensure when sending in your iPod touch to ensure that the iCloud account and ‘Find My iPhone’ has been switched off. It is also recommended to wipe your device before sending this in, however not to worry as we do wipe all devices as standard as part of the testing procedure.