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Gadget Mill Special Announcement – Bitcoin Payments For Your Gadgets Now Available!

bitcoin gadget recycling Gadget Mill has always believed in providing our customers the best prices for their unwanted gadgets without the hassle. Therefore we are always researching and looking for ways to improve our service and provide added incentives to our customers. Therefore we are very excited to announce that our customers will now have the option to receive payments in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) when selling their gadgets to us. Please see information below that should answer any questions you might... Read more »

Unwanted console for Christmas? Trade in your PS4 or Xbox One for quick cash!

unwanted-gift We are quickly approaching the Christmas holidays and we understand that usually gamers favour one console over the other. Therefore we have decided to offer to buy your unwanted PS4 or Xbox One consoles for quick cash within 24 hours or less! As long as your PS4 or Xbox One console is in fully working order, just send it into us and we will make payment via either (Bank account transfer, PayPal or Cheque). So that's one less worry for gamers this Christmas as our prices are pretty close to... Read more »

Why Gadget Mill does not buy original Xbox 360 Consoles

As you can see from our website we are essentially a gadget recycling website - although as it stands it is more of a hobby than an actual company. Therefore we care more about the gadgets themselves than other aspects such as profits - we are a recycling company by the people and for the people. Now as mentioned above we really care about our gadgets and are regularly emailed by numerous customers if we would be willing to buy their Xbox 360 console and why we haven't listed it on the... Read more »

iPod Nano 1st Generation Promotional Code – Extra £10.00 Cash!

iPod Nano 1st Generation Voucher Code We have just added a new promotional code as we are going retro! We are crazy about the iPod Nano 1st Generation models. So if you have one of these old beauties lying around in your closet then why not sell your iPod Nano to us for some quick and easy cash! The promotional code will earn you £10.00 extra cash for any memory size and any condition iPod Nano 1st generation model. The voucher code is 1PROMO . To use this voucher code all you... Read more »

Check out our voucher codes!

In time for the 2013 CES International Expo we have released new voucher codes to help you pocket more for your unwanted gadgets! The voucher codes are listed throughout the website category pages as we wouldn't want any of our visitors to miss out on the deal! To use the voucher codes just place the gadget you would like to sell in your basket and enter the voucher code upon checkout. £15 more payout for your MacBook - EXTRAMACBOOK £30 more payout for your MacBook Air -... Read more »

Welcome to the Gadget Mill blog

Welcome we have started a new blog on our website! On our newly launched blog we will be providing you the latest news within the technology industry as it happens, as well as tutorials we think you may find extremely helpful! Also on special occasions we will be giving out voucher codes for Gadget Mill allowing you to pocket extra cash for your unwanted gadgets! So be sure to be on a look out! We know this won't be an easy task as you can never launch a popular blog, but you can actually... Read more »