Why Sell To Us?

Gadget Mill is a company which is made by the people and for the people. Unlike other recycling companies we pride ourselves in looking after each and every customer. Not only do we offer bonuses if your gadget surpasses our expectations but we are also very flexible and lenient when grading the gadgets we receive!

We Look After Our Customers

Each customer is treated as an individual when dealing with Gadget Mill – we love our gadgets here and we understand as do our customers. So unlike other recycling companies, we do not have silly tactics such as offering high prices for our gadgets and paying out lower than expected when received. Here at Gadget Mill we offer high prices and keep our promise! Therefore paying out the same price as originally quoted!

The Best Recycling Prices

We regularly check what competing gadget recyclers are paying out for various gadgets and make sure that as minimum we are matching the highest price being paid out, if not more! So it is extremely likely that you will be getting the most cash for your unwanted gadgets when selling to Gadget Mill.

24 Hour Quick Payments

We note down the time we receive our gadgets and make sure that your gadget is tested and paid for within 24 hours.

Easy To Use Service

Selling gadgets to us is a piece of cake! All you have to do is find your gadget on our website, submit an order and post your gadget along with the order form. Then sit back and relax and wait for the payment to roll in!

We Are Safe To Use

You can send in your gadgets to us with complete peace of mind as we look after each and every gadget as one of our own. We have set procedures in place ensuring your gadget will never be misplaced or mistreated whilst in our hands! Not only that we never share customer details with any 3rd party company or anyone else for that matter!

All Gadgets Are Put To Good Use

We ensure that your gadget will be used by ourselves or anyone else we know who is in need! This helps the planet as we are recycling unwanted gadgets as a community. Thus stopping people from throwing away or storing unwanted gadgets which could be used by others and earning cash while their at it!

We Buy Any Gadget

We are always adding new gadgets to our website which we are willing to purchase. However if you have something to sell that you cannot find on our website, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to offer you a custom quote for your gadget!