Activision and Naughty Dog – double standards set by Sony fans?

Sony Fans Bounce Back!

As an avid gamer I love to keep up with the latest gaming news and announcements; I also enjoy reading comments left by fellow gamers on articles I read looking for more input and opinions on the pieces I read.

Of course reading the comments section may sometimes lead reading into ‘flame wars’ between fans of each console – but hey sometimes it can be funny! I see myself as a hardcore gamer who leans more towards the PlayStation franchise – due to my PlayStation filled childhood but that didn’t stop me from enjoying games on all mainstream consoles available this generation.

I remember the days when the PS3 was just announced in E3 for $599.00 and most Sony fans hid away from mainstream internet articles due to the embarrassment caused from the E3 2006 conference. Here is a video reminder for nostalgia reasons.

The double standards recently set by Sony fans

Now the situation has changed drastically and Sony have managed to turn the gaming industry back into their favour. Hence why you see Sony fans prowling all over gaming articles especially on N4G with their ‘pro-Sony attitude and anti-everything else!’ but to be fair Sony fans did suffer a lot around 2006 for a couple of years.

Recently I have noticed a lot of hate for the Call of Duty franchise – most of which I believe seems to be coming from Sony fans. Now I am not saying they are the only ones who are very vocal about hating the Call of Duty franchise; but I believe they are most likely the majority. The reason for this I would believe is due to Microsoft and Activision’s business relationship i.e. Timed exclusive DLC packs.

Activision recently announced their latest title Call of Duty: Ghosts; along with this they mentioned that they will be using the same engine as they do in the current generation – of course with upgrades. This obviously gave the Activision naysayers more ammunition to diss the franchise. Now to be fair to them; when Call of Duty: Ghosts was officially revealed at the Xbox One conference it was somewhat claimed that a new ‘next gen’ engine was put in place. So I somewhat understood the hate even though I know as being a developer myself it would take a lot of money and man-power to create a new engine and the game to follow in quick succession.

Also see some of the comments left regarding the Call of Duty engine announcement below:

Then Naughty Dog also announced the fact that they would also be using the same engine as they did in this current gen. This engine brought us games such as the Uncharted series and of course the yet to be released The last of us – (I have played the demo and it is amazing!). Now when I navigated to the comments section; I expected Sony fans to be somewhat unhappy about this (maybe they secretly are – who knows) especially after seeing their reaction to Call of Duty using the same engine. To my surprise I saw Sony fans still adamant how Naughty Dog are their favourite developers and how they would almost trust their own life in Naughty Dog’s hands. See below:

Reactions like these lead me to believe that double standards are being set by Sony fans and honestly it makes you look somewhat looking like ‘blind sheep’ – no offence – but the truth is the truth! If you can’t see it yourself even after reading this article or even doing some research for yourself then you prove my point.

I myself will be keeping an open mind this generation in regards to which console I buy first from the shops on launch day – as both the Xbox One and the PS4 have been announced to launch this year 2013. At the end of the day I would prefer to buy something that will give me more value for money i.e. the console that is more likely to provide me with hours upon hours of enjoyment and I suggest everybody does the same!

So what do you guys think? Have I read too deeply into this situation? Is it already completely obvious or am I just losing my mind! Let us know in the comments section below!

10 Responses to “Activision and Naughty Dog – double standards set by Sony fans?”


    I don’t think there is a double standard simply because the “new call of duty engine” is based on the Quake 3 engine while the engine naughty dog is using was built from scratch this gen. Also for The LAst of Us They dramatically upgraded the shaders, physics, and A.I. Just look at The Last of Us it looks better than COD:Ghost on “next gen tech”. Sure fanboys won’t be critical but Naughty Dog has taken greater strides so comparing them side by side is just insulting to Naughty Dog.

  2. Prime

    Great article and I couldn’t agree more. The sony fanboys on N4G are the ones ruining the site’s reputation.

  3. TLOU

    Sales wise, ACTIVISION dwarfs Naughty Dog because of multiplatform supports.
    Naughty Dog has good skills but it’s being monopolized by the Playstation platforms only, because it has been controlled by $ONY draconian requirements. If ND goes multiplatform then their games will be more successful and appreciated.

    Too bad $ONY is just too greedy, limiting ND sales for Playstation only. So ACTIVISION gets the best choice for MOST console gamers.

  4. Pirate Thom

    Yeah, DOUBLE STANDARD indeed! Remember when a COD game released for the PS Vita?? Sony fanboys were so pumped because they believed the COD game would bring the PSV sales a lot, but it was a huge flop as you all know.

    Sony fanboys will glorify COD games IF it comes with ‘exclusive’ contents or turns out better in Review Scores on the PlayStations. They need something to brag about, other than that they’re silently jealous because of others’ successful games.

  5. Axe99

    It’s only technically double standards if the comments criticising Activision and letting it slide with ND are made by the same people. Otherwise, if looking at a group as large as ‘Sony fans’ you could say literally anything (it would be like saying “people from the US (or any other country) are hypocrites” because there will always be statements from across the group that contradict each other).

    Also – the main comment provided as evidence for the anti-Acti rant seems to more be a BF fan, rather than a Sony fan (the only Sony reference is to Gravity Rush, and that’s more having a go at IGN) – there’s bloody ‘rivalries’ everywhere in gaming these days, and CoD/BF is just as hot as the platform-holder wars. It’s only the first comment below that, that has an anti-Xbox bias (but actually makes no anti-CoD statement).

    Accordingly, the author’s ‘analysis’ is nowhere near rigorous enough to stand up to any scrutiny – just looks to be another go at fanning the flameboy wars.

  6. Kevin

    There’s a double , they just won’t own up to it . yet these are the same people who think one dimensional console is worth the price tag. personal I am getting the One that will do everything beyond gaming .

  7. ThePokeMaster

    “Double standard” my ass!

    Naughty Dog’s engine is newer than COD’s Quake 3 engine. Have you not seen the differences between Uncharted 1 and 2 or 3?!
    You sir, are the blind one if you can’t tell the difference between both companies.

  8. handy

    I think the biggest difference here is that the CoD engine looks dated by todays standards whereas TLoU still looks current. Call that double standards fanboyism or what have you, but we really haven’t seen CoD look any better graphically since the first Modern Warfare, whereas Uncharted and now TLoU looks better and better with each game.

  9. mike

    You should change the title from “Activision and Naughty Dog – double standards set by Sony fans?” to “Activision and Naughty Dog – double standards set by Sony fans at N4g?”. Having spent a good amount of time at N4g,com – you are absolutely spot on about the double standard of sony fanboys there. For example, any negative news about the Wii U they are quick to attack the consoles, when someone talks about the vita in a negative light they go into full defence mode. That is N4G for yah

  10. Aya

    I think your wrong. There is not double standard but you didn’t read the article you are quoting. If you had really read, you would have seen WHY ND Is using the same engine. The reason why was because they decided to throw away the engine they used for Jak and Daxter which in turned almost cost them last gen because they had to develop for years to make a new one. Instead of making that mistake twice, they will use the current engine to improve a future engine by keeping the things the old thing did best. That’s why people are happy. Activision is not changing the engine but just upping the pixel count (which would put the engine that it currently uses on PCs to the next gen system) which is not an improvement what so ever on the old engine. Plus in the Xbone event they showed off things that wasn’t new or innovative. David Cage new engine is something of innovation.. Not what they showed. I think it’s shotty journalism to not take into account the whole argument than to look at N4G and make a blatant irrational uninformed opinion like this. The sad part is pointing out that it’s only Sony fans is ridiculous. If 343 said they will use their old engine to improve the new one for another Halo, the Xbox fans would of reacted the same regarding COD. Come on now… This is ridiculous


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