Apple announces WWDC 2013 – June 10-14 – Tickets Cost $1599

Apple have announced that the Worldwide Web Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) will take place this June 10-14. The conference will take place in San Francisco at the Moscone West Convention center. Tickets for the conference have been priced at $1599 and will be sold tomorrow (April 25) at 10:00AM Pacific Time.

Previously Apple used to put the tickets up for sale as soon as they announced the event; although this time round they have gone ahead and decided to sell the tickets the next day. This gives the developers an equal chance of attending as tickets usually sell out in less than 2 hours, meaning if developers hear the announcement later than others they literally have no chance of attending.

In order to attend the conference there are a few requirements set out by Apple. These requirements include membership in one of the company’s developer programs (which you pay for). You cannot sign up for a paid developer program now as Apple have ensured last minute sign ups will not change eligibility for attending the conference. Tickets purchased by developers aged between 13 and 17 must be purchased by a parent/guardian who is also a member. Tickets have been limited to one per person and five tickets per organisation.

If you are a developer who is unable to attend – don’t worry as Apple will be posting session videos during the conference rather than afterwards. These will be available for free this time round to registered developers where previously Apple used to charge hundreds of dollars.

So will any of our visitors be attending? Or have attended a conference in the past? Please share your experiences and views in the comments section below.

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