Apple iPhone 5s leaked photos – Manufacturing plant

The Apple iPhone has been yet again hit with newly leaked photos, this time for the iPhone 5S. This is a bit all of a sudden as the Apple iPhone 5 has only been recently released – 143 days today! Even so it only feels like it was released yesterday!

The iPhone 5s has been rumored to be announced some point this year, some even say with the iPhone 6 (although I find that part doubtful!)

See below for the leaked photos of the iPhone:

The leaks also suggest that the iPhone 5s will be 8.2mm thick compared to the iPhone 5 measuring at 7.6mm. So expect a thicker phone also the use of cheaper plastic! This also suggests to myself that this phone will be packed with a bit more power and possibly a better camera.

The rumors of the iPhone 5s being released in multiple colors as suggested by my previous post found here: iPhone 5s different colors and sizes is not evident in these photos.

Suggestions also claim that these are photos of a cheap knock off version of the iPhone 5. So we’ll have to wait and see whether these rumors are backed up further later on! Stay tuned

Source: sjbbs.zol