Apple iPhone 5s to get sapphire crystal covered fingerprint home button

Apple’s worldwide developers conference is a month away and the world is already talking about the new iPhone. It shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that we are expecting the iPhone 5s to be announced instead of an iPhone 6. However the rumor mill has been suggesting for a while now that the iPhone 5s will receive a fingerprint scanner – keeping your phone and details more secure.

iPhone 5s sapphire crystal button rumor

Recently a Taiwanese website – TechNews released a report claiming that the iPhone 5s will be receiving a new home button. The traditional home button we have been using since the first iPhone has been known to become flimsy after a while of use as it tends to wear out. The new home button is expected to be made out of sapphire crystal which has hardness second only to diamond. This will prevent the home button from getting scratched and wearing out easily; also will protect the fingerprint scanner (which is also some new news).

Initially when I heard the iPhone 5s would incorporate a fingerprint scanner, I assumed it would be placed on the side of the phone or under the home button. However placing it on the actual home button itself would be very ergonomic as your thumb is meant to be placed there anyway!

Is the iPhone 5s sapphire button plausible?

Although this is just a rumor, it does seem somewhat plausible as Apple are currently using sapphire crystal to protect the camera lens in the iPhone and iPod Touch 5th generation. Then again we haven’t heard much Apple rumors from TechNews before so I guess we will have to wait and see what Apple bring to the table this year!

So what do you guys think of the rumor? Is it plausible? Let us know in the comments section below.

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