Another major iPhone 6 leak – HD video comaprison with iPhone 5s


We are currently a week away from Apple’s iPhone 6 reveal event and we are now again provided with more leaked content. This time in the form of a video!

This leaked HD video pretty much confirms our previous leaks from Feld & Volk who recently leaked the parts of the iPhone. It shows the iPhone 6 assembled and compared to the predecessor iPhone 5s.

This video shows the iPhone 6 next to the iPhone 5s in various angles and beside the obvious size increase, the iPhone 6 looks marginally thinner and borrows the rounded elements as seen on the iPad range.

It also confirms that the power button will be relocated due to the increase in size.

The iPhone 6 is claimed to be available in 2 sizes such as the one in the video 4.7″ and a larger 5.5″ version.

All will be revealed in a weeks time! If the iPhone 6 seduces you into a purchase, why not sell your old iPhone to us as a contribution to your upgrade!

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