Apple Puts A Stop To iPod Nano Replacement Program

Apple launched a replacement program for the iPod Nano 1st Generation back in 2011, a bit strange considering this model was released in 2005 – meaning there was a 6 year delay in launching such program. The reason for the launch of this replacement program was that Apple realised that under certain circumstances albeit rare – the battery can overheat and be a potential safety risk (basically explode!).

Nano 1st Replacement Program

I guess it makes sense for Apple to launch such program, to avoid any lawsuits and so forth. If anyone still owned such an iPod, it was probably broken or lost by now – so Apple may not have taken such a hit on this as they would have done if this replacement program was launched closer to the product launch. It turned out however, whoever did send their iPod Nano 1st Generation to Apple, would be given an iPod Nano 7th Generation as a replacement. This was probably less hassle seeing Apple have these readily available, getting parts for the Nano 1st Generation at this point would be much more of an hassle.

It has however been said that even though the program has been removed from the website. You may still be able to speak to a representative at Apple via the phone and still get a replacement arranged. After all, if it still explodes.. Then it still explodes right?

Have you got an iPod Nano 1st Generation available? If so why not give this a shot, out of luck? Then you can always sell your iPod to us! Win-win situation!

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