Apple Silently Kills The iPod – Discontinues iPod Line-ups

Remember the iPod? The legendary device which marked the beginning to Apple’s venture in the consumer electronics market? 27 July 2017 is the day Apple has finally put an end to the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle line-ups!

The iPod Nano devices have been around for over 10 years now and have therefore seen a lot of changes over time. We started off with a classy glossy finish where the first generation was only offered in black and white colours.

Since then Apple decided to colourise the device by offering various colours to suit your taste. The form had changed plenty of times since and we’ve even seen this device available with a built-in camera at one point (5th generation). The last generation of this device was very modernised with a touch screen and resembled a miniature iPod Touch. How things have changed!

Rest in peace iPod Nano:  7 September 2005 – 27 July 2017


The iPod Shuffle has been around just over 12 years and has seen a few form variations over it’s time. Perhaps not as much as the Nano range, however we have seen this device available without the click wheel at one point (3rd generation). The only way to control the iPod was through the remote control built-in on the headphones included. We did finally finish off with a nice small portable iPod which clipped on to your clothing, had the click wheel and kept things simple. An excellent choice for joggers and for the gym as it was definitely able to take a beating.

Rest in peace iPod Shuffle: 11 January 2005 – 27 July 2017


Apple has removed both the Nano and Shuffle ranges from their stores worldwide. However for those with a soft spot for the iconic device still have a life-line, since consumers are still able to purchase the iPod Touch… from Apple for now anyway!

Those who are looking for an iPod Touch will be happy to know the device has also been marked down in price.however now only available in 32GB (£199) and 128GB (£299) variations. Meaning Apple have decided to kill off the 16GB and 64GB variations.

If you think you are too late to get your hands on the iconic discontinued iPod devices, don’t worry as the second hand market still has your back. You can check ad classified websites such as Gumtree, or even have a sniff on the Gadget Mill eBay shop.

Have anything you would like to say about your beloved iPod, any last words? Why not share your thoughts in the comment section below.