Apple to announce new product category this Fall – Confirmed

There have been plenty of rumors in previous years regarding Apple and another type of product they are going to release. Well Tim Cook has confirmed during Apple’s Q2 investor call that they have potential of new product categories and that they will announce new products Fall 2013.

Tim Cook also later added that the new category may not appear this year and that it is extremely difficult to work on truly innovative products – but rest assured Apple are working closely with manufacturers to achieve a “very exciting roadmap”

I believe the announcements will be made in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2013) – which has been confirmed to be taking place June 10-14 in San Francisco. Whether or not the new products will be released in the same year is unconfirmed but I’m sure Apple will give everyone a taster of what’s to come.

So what do the latest rumors suggest in terms of what the new ‘product category’ is? It could possibly be the long rumored Apple iTV which is a TV basically with built in Apple software and services. Another rumored product involves an Apple iWatch which of course is a watch with an iOS operating system that allows you to do wonderful things your current watch couldn’t do (except tell the time of course).

Apple iTV latest rumors suggest

Steve Jobs himself spoke about this project in an interview claiming that they were working on an actual TV set.

Rumors suggest the following about this product:

– The manufacturer Sharp was asked to create the displays for the television set
– Acts as an home entertainment hub interlinking other iOS devices via the iCloud
– Use current iOS devices as a remote control
– Uses iTunes to purchase in TV content
– Has access to existing content on iTunes such as music
– Apple have been linked with paying for the rights to broadcast English Premier League Football Matches (Soccer)
– Different sizes: 37 inch, 40 inch and 50 inch
– Price $1,499 (£947) for 42 inch model

Apple iWatch latest rumors suggest

Rumors have suggested that Apple have been testing Apple iWatch designs which marked the start of the Apple iWatch rumors.

– The iWatch is said to have ‘willow glass’ flexible as paper without breaking
– Will support Bluetooth and can communicate with iOS devices
– The screen size suggests to be 1.5 inches touchscreen that is waterproof and shockproof
– Will be like a wearable computer – full inbuilt operating system
– Will allow handsfree functionality for your iOS device – SMS, emails calendar, alerts, caller ID etc
– Built in vibration to assist with alerts

So what products line do you think will be announced? Perhaps the iTV? The iWatch? Or maybe even both! Let us know in the comments section below.

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