Apple’s next iPod range to include waterproof models?

It has been a while since we’ve seen any new iPods released from Apple. According to the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide it has been exactly 452 days at the time of writing that we have seen a new release of the iPod Touch 6th Generation, iPod Nano 8th Generation and the latest iPod Shuffle. Mind you the latest release of these iPods were merely an upgrade of specification for the iPod Touch and pretty much a new colour range offering, so not a major update at all.

With the average life-cycle for an iPod currently stated to be 417 days, it would be expected that the next iPod range would make its debut at Apple’s next event – which may be around March 2017 from what we’ve heard from our trusted sources.

Our trusted source has also let slip that we should expect the new iPods that are currently in the works to be waterproof, similar to the newly released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, as well as the Apple Watch range. Not only this but the iPods will be re-designed, with the iPod shuffle looking most similar to its predecessor. However the new iPod Touch and the new iPod Nano will come in new form-factors looking sleeker and more durable with the inclusion of waterproof rating IP67. Apple have also been rumored to release their very own waterproof headphones alongside the new iPods.

waterproof iPod

There certainly is a market for a waterproof MP3 player as there are many already out there including the waterproof headphones as Apple plans to release. So the latest iPod iteration would certainly please, swimmers and divers as well as clumsy people such as myself who happen to soak their gadgets once in a while!