Apple to update AppleCare service for the worst!

It seems like Apple will be updating a lot more than just its products this year; this includes the AppleCare service it provides to all its customers. Usually updates from Apple bring good news but unfortunately speculation from an insider confirms that Apple will be toughening up its support procedure in order to save the company money.

How AppleCare currently works

As of now the procedure works like this for iPhones, iPods, iPads and other gadgets:

1) You book an appointment to be seen in the Apple store (or sneak your way in on an emergency appointment)
2) Your iPhone, iPod or iPod is diagnosed for the fault you describe.
3) If the fault is replicated and it is an obvious hardware fault or if software restore fails then you receive a replacement.

Which is what I love about Apple customer service, no hassle with repairs or coming back to collect your faulty phone etc.

AppleCare gadget support changes

However this may all be coming to an end as an Apple insider claims that Apple will start to repair these gadgets on-site and then returning the same device to the customer.

Apple stores currently have tools to replace speakers, batteries, receivers, home buttons and vibrator motors. This will now be expanded so they can replace the displays, cameras, power buttons and logic boards. By doing so Apple are looking to save $1 billion a year.

This is not the only update! AppleCare will also be changing into a subscription service – this might be good for some people and bad for others.

As of now you have to purchase additional AppleCare for each Apple gadget you own separately. The new subscription service ties in with the customer instead of the device allowing you to cover all your Apple gadgets under one plan.

Pricing details for the new subscription based service has not been confirmed, but I believe the more Apple gadgets the individual has the more they will benefit.

So what do you think of the new AppleCare updates? Do you feel it is a step backwards like I do; or will it help add to the customer experience. Let us know in the comments section below!

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