The Best 10 Gadgets Available In 2017

top 10 gadgets 2017

With 2018 a matter of a day or so away, we are saying goodbye to 2017 by rounding up what we feel are the best gadgets available in the year 2017.

2017 has marked a great year for tech with a lot of new innovations and gadgets made available. Hopefully the next year keeps up this pace and we will be ever so grateful!

1. Galaxy Note 8

galaxy note 8

Samsung has pulled through with their impressive flagship phablet. Definitely righting the wrongs made from the predecessor.

In our opinion this is the best all rounder device in terms of technology – the camera, display, performance and more is outstanding across the board.

2. iPhone X

iphone x

Apple are not too far behind with their flagship phone. It is of impressive build as you would expect from Apple, however what really stops this hitting the top spot is the notch on the top of the display.

Otherwise similar to Samsung’s flagship, it really is an impressive all rounder. The face recognition technology used shows Apple is still ready to innovate.

3. Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

Nintendo have again chosen to differentiate themselves from their rivals Sony and Microsoft. Unlike the Wii U, this time Nintendo have played their cards right by releasing a console hybrid. You can connect this to your TV via the docking station provided as well as carry it around on your journey as a portable gaming device.

3. Bose QC35 II

bose qc35ii

Bose have very recently released their flagship wireless noise cancelling headphones which is an update to the original QC35. These headphones are a very popular option due to their great sound quality as well as the noise cancelling technology. The update made by Bose here is simply an additional button which is dedicated to the Google Assistant. Why fix something that isn’t broken right?

4. Lifx Smart Bulb

lifx smart bulb

These bulbs are a great addition to the household if you have the cash to spare. They are extremely energy efficient and give you a great variety of colours to choose from to suit your mood. This bulb also has added functionality which allows you to link various services to your bulb. For example you can program your light to blink/change colour when your Uber arrives or you have a missed call on your phone.

5. Samsung QLED TV

samsung qled tv

It is well known that Samsung do make some terrific screens. Whether it is for devices such as mobile phones or an actual TV, Samsung have really pushed their boundaries. Leading the way once again, Samsung have released QLED technology which boasts great colours no matter how bright the screen is.

6. Logitech G29 Wheel and Gearstick Bundle

logitech g29

Play racing games on your games console? Then this is a must for any enthusiast, with realistic simulation technology you can feel every turn in the road. The wheel is capable of turning 900 degrees, so allows you to turn it 2 and a half times. Bundle this with the gearstick if you’re used to shifting gears in manual and you have realism captured at its greatest.

7. PlayStation VR

playstation vr

Admittedly, this is not the best VR experience available in 2017. Perhaps not even close. However it is the most accessible and most supported technology due to the PlayStation branding and backing. You can play games such as Gran Turismo, Resident Evil 7 and more with the PlayStation VR for a greater experience with your game.

8. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier (For Android Users)

samsung gear s3 frontier

The Gear S3 Frontier beats all smart watches in terms of battery life (lasts up to 3 days) and has an impressive rotating bezel and UI combination. Great to see your alerts and respond to calls and more without the need of taking out your phone. Only downside here is the lacking of apps when compared to the Android Watch counterparts.

9. Apple Watch Series 2 (For iOS Users)

apple watch series 2

Own an iPhone and want an Apple Watch? The best way to go in that case is with the latest Apple Watch. It has reliable fitness related technology built in with the additional GPS module. Pair this up with the great support for apps as well as the great build quality you would expect from Apple. You then come up with an impressive watch.

10. Amazon Echo Plus

amazon echo plus

The Echo Plus is Amazon’s latest and greatest home assistant device with a built in hub. It comes package with a smart bulb Philips Hue so a great way to start your smart home adventure. This device boasts 360 degrees audio and a large 0.8 inch tweeter, so is better sounding than the Echo 2nd generation counterpart. However we would suggest that if you already have a home hub to stick with the 2nd generation device as it is cheaper and you most likely already have the Philips Hue bulb available!


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