Check Out Apple’s New iMac Pro In Action, Courtesy Of Early Customer Deliveries

imac pro early

Some lucky customers have taken to social media to show off photos and videos of their early deliveries of the iMac Pro.

These machines which have a price tag starting from £4899/$4999 were made available to be order from December 14, but are officially due to be delivered early January (2nd-4th) to be exact.

Above is a video posted by Mac Otakara, who have tested the device already including running some benchmarking tools to see what kind of performance this beast can really bring to the table.

As well as the lucky instagrammers below showing off their shiny new iMac Pros as well as space grey Magic Keyboard 2 and Magic Mice 2.

Morning #DHL !!!!! Welcome home #iMacPro

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You may notice that the early deliveries are mostly taking place in Japan and the odd few in the US. Are there any more early deliveries of this product being delivered in any other countries that you may know of? As some users seem to be reporting that they only just received the ‘preparing to ship’ status from Apple from the 21st this month.

Feel free to show off your order statuses and deliveries in the comments section below.

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