E3 2013 predictions and winner of the show

The E3 2013 expo is only a few months away now and will be held on June 11-13 at the Los Angelas Convention Center. Now with Sony playing their cards early before the E3 event I think it is a great time to make a prediction on what to expect including the ‘winner of the show’.

Sony E3 2013 Press Conference Prediction

As we have seen the PS4 already officially revealed at the Sony Event this February; I believe Sony has a lot more to show when E3 comes around!

  • PS Vita new firmware update. This will be used to enhance functionality and communicate with the newly announced PS4
  • PS Vita games – a lot of developer support
  • PS Vita shown playing a PS4 game
  • PS4 console design show off – USB 3.0, WIFI, Bluetooth, Blu-Ray Disc Slot, HDMI 1.4, 1080P support standard, PS-Eye
  • PS4 launch dates – Japan late 2013, USA and UK early 2014
  • PS4 has 2 SKU – 160GB, 250GB
  • PS4 prices – $400, $500
  • Pricier PS4 gets free PlayStation Plus for a year
  • PlayStation Plus users gets enhanced network functionality
  • PS4 online games can support more players in game than before
  • PS4 controller shown off working as a move controller and touchpad demonstration
  • PS4 controller built in speaker, sharing various content on social networks
  • PS4 games shown off – Agent, Last Guardian, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid and many more!

Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference Prediction

  • Xbox 360 achievements – console sales, kinect etc.
  • Xbox 360 still supported through next gen phase – shows off next Call of Duty
  • New Xbox announcement – more powerful than PS4, Blu-Ray, WIFI, USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4, 160GB, 1080P Support, 8-core CPU, 8GB ram, Direct X-11 capable
  • Xbox Live Silver users can play for free with advertising and Xbox Live Gold users will benefit from free monthly content and no advertising.
  • Kinect 2.0 will be included as standard and has become more advanced. More responsive, will always be active, up to 6 players, wider angle, no tilt, low light functionality, easier to play even with furniture around.
  • Halo, Forza, Project Gotham Racing and various other launch titles
  • New Xbox console design show off
  • New Xbox launch date late 2013 worldwide
  • New Xbox price $400
  • Exclusive DLC deal with Activision still in place for next gen Call of Duty
  • New Xbox controller includes motion sensing and share button for social sharing

Nintendo E3 2013 Press Conference Prediction

  • 3DS games announcements – New Mario, various 3rd party games
  • Wii U games announcement – Mario 3D, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid Prime and other 3rd party games including Call of Duty
  • Boring social Nintendo stuff, statistics and so on.
  • Super Smash Bros 3DS announcement
  • End of show… Oh wait Super Smash Bros Wii U announcement

Winner of E3 2013

I think this will be a close one between Sony and Microsoft (as it is every year) especially as Nintendo have gone very casual on us gamers. This could all go down to a surprise announcement on either side that I haven’t stated in my list. But going by my list I will have to give the crown to Sony! Although E3 is definitely up for grabs and it is a 2 horse race!

What do you think will happen this E3? Let us know in the comments below! Also what do you think the next Xbox will be called? I have no idea whatsoever would love to see some creativity!