eBay flooded with Flappy Bird installed ‘rare’ devices

If you know about the game ‘Flappy Bird’ the latest mobile phenomenon. Then you’ll know all about the annoyances that come with the game mainly flying into mario like pipes head first. However this annoyance may be withheld from people who haven’t downloaded this game yet as just recently the flappy bird developer stated on his twitter that he will be removing the game from the iOS App store and Android Play Store.

There are some mixed reactions on this situation but this situation has also caused an increase of iPhone listings on eBay, mostly titled something like.. Apple iPhone 5s rare flappy bird preinstalled BARGAIN! – £1500.00. Is it just us or is this really not great value for money just because of an App that is no longer available.


Alternative way – Download Flappy Bird!

I’m also sure that if people were really that desperate but couldn’t afford to pay that large an amount they could simply jailbreak their iOS device and install an IPA of Flappy Bird or an APK of Flappy Bird for Android devices.

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