First ever iPhone prototype had an iPod click-wheel system

iPod iPhone prototype banner

Recently the original iPhone prototype has worked its way on to the internet, interesting however is the fact that the original prototype of the iPhone was based on the iPod click-wheel system.

Like the original iPhone, this prototype was due to have an aluminum body, multi touch screen, built in 2G and WIFI. However even with all this, the interface itself seems to follow closely to the iPod with the click-wheel system.

This prototype OS was referred to as Acorn OS which pretty much consists of an iPod interface thrown on a touch screen.

As you may notice the screen is only displayed on the top half section of the touch screen, a line of buttons which are dedicated to music as well as a non physical click wheel below. This interface seems like a waste of space if you ask us, we do wonder how well the iPhone would have performed if it was released with an interface similar to this.

We believe this interface may have been the result of Steve Jobs putting Tony Fadell and Scott Forstall in a competition to see who comes up with the best mobile interface. As Scott Forstall won this competition, we believe this interface to be Tony Fadell’s work, who is well known to be deeply associated with the iPod’s invention.

Here are a few more screenshots of the prototype iPhone device with the iPod interface below:

ipod dial

Showing the Dial screen

ipod sms

Showing the SMS screen

ipod extras

Showing the Extras available

ipod about

Showing the device’s information

ipod legal

Showing the legal jargon

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