Floyd Mayweather’s iPod now trending, here’s why!

As the dust has now started to settle since Floyd Mayweather’s illustrious boxing bout against Conor McGregor, it seems fans have picked up on a rather interesting detail regarding ‘money’ Mayweather’s favourite music player device.

When the boxer arrived at the T-Mobile arena, he was seen carrying and listening to an unusual and unique iPod.


As you would expect from someone representing ‘The Money Team AKA TMT’ the iPod is said to be made out of gold and diamond encrusted.

Fans took to Twitter ridiculing the boxer’s choice of iPod, however as a gadget recycling company. We have to pay respect to the boxer’s choice of device.

Some claim the iPod to be an ‘Original iPod’ or a ‘1st Gen iPod’ and even an ‘iPod Video’. As you can see in a few selected tweets below:

However just to clear things up, as we’ve handled every iPod device there is. Upon closer inspection:


We can confirm this is in fact an iPod Classic 7th Generation. The latest iPod Classic available. If we were to guess it would be a 160GB model… We’re sure ‘Money Mayweather’ would not be strapped for cash and have opted from the 120GB model. The diamonds prove this clearly!