Gadget Mill Special Announcement – Bitcoin Payments For Your Gadgets Now Available!

bitcoin gadget recycling

Gadget Mill has always believed in providing our customers the best prices for their unwanted gadgets without the hassle. Therefore we are always researching and looking for ways to improve our service and provide added incentives to our customers.

Therefore we are very excited to announce that our customers will now have the option to receive payments in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) when selling their gadgets to us.

Please see information below that should answer any questions you might have in regards to recycling your gadgets for Bitcoin payment.


Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency leader which we believe to be proven and accepted by various retailers whilst making purchases.

However we noticed the fact that this trend was missing when receiving payments from retailers/recyclers alike.

We also would like to provide our customers with ease to get hold of Bitcoins, as for some it is increasingly difficult to do so in the UK. So a great way to invest.


How Can I Receive Bitcoins In My Wallet When Selling Gadgets To You?

This is quite simple, once you proceed with an order and it is processed by a member of our staff. You will receive the usual order form to fill out with your details. Here you can provide your Bitcoin wallet address and we will make payment to this.

In some cases, we may follow up with an email to confirm your Bitcoin wallet address to ensure there aren’t any mistakes.


How Will You Convert Bitcoin (BTC) the Fiat Equivalent (GBP)?

We will make this currency conversion at the time of making payment. This also applies to situations where there is a delay when making your payment, for example a re-quote was sent out due to the condition being marked wrong and we require a reply from yourself.


Who Incurs the Transaction Fee When Making a Transfer?

The transfer fee would be taken out of the initial payment made to the customer. Therefore the customer would incur any transfer fee.


What Happens If I Write An Invalid Wallet Address?

There is a built in check when making the transfer, so it is generally not possible to send funds to an invalid address. However if the address is well formed and exists, the funds will unfortunately be lost forever. To which in this scenario the customer would be liable for – (so please be extra careful!).


Any Further Questions?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team via the contact form as we would be more than happy to assist!

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