Has the PS3 console degraded with each iteration?

PS3 Background

I am a proud owner of three Playstation 3 consoles. Now before you ask why would anyone need so many of the same consoles in their household, it is simply because they can do so much and are the most used console in my home.

So as you may have guessed from the article’s heading I own all 3 iterations of the Playstation 3 console:

1) PS3 Phat 160GB – In my bedroom
2) PS3 Slim 120GB – In the living room
3) PS3 Super Slim 12GB – In my brother’s bedroom

PS3 consoles are now cheaper but also slower

Now I’ve used all three consoles on a daily basis to do various things; play games, watch movies and even use the web browser. Now from my experience I can tell you that the old dusty PS3 Phat console is quicker and far more responsive than the rest of the bunch and the PS3 Slim is also faster than the newly released PS3 Super Slim. Now when I talk about being fast and responsive I mean in terms of the time it takes to boot up the console, booting into a game, navigating through the in-game XMB and even the dreaded loading screens! Also just so you know all consoles are running the same firmware at all times – so it isn’t that!

Now this makes me wonder has Sony decided to implement cell processors with slower clock-speeds with each iteration? Doing this of course would make them cheaper to produce; along with the obvious shrinking down of the internal components and using cheaper material.

Now from my research IBM claimed that the PS3 Slim has a faster processor than the PS3 Phat. Then why does it have the sudden urge to freeze up during games?

Here is a video by ‘Dave18Hot’ showing a comparison of PS3 Phat and PS3 Slim playing a copy of Killzone 2.

As you can see from the results; the PS3 Slim does indeed run slightly slower (loading the game) and also has the same freezing point as the PS3 console.

PS3 Missing features

There are also other factors such as the PS3 Slim not having the ability out of the box to install other OS (which has now been removed from the PS3 Phat). Was this due to the fact that there was something amiss in the new PS3 Slim? Probably not as I have seen these consoles hacked to run the Other OS feature regardless, but I can’t help to think this would put further strain on the console.

Now I’m not saying the PS3 Phat is the best console; nor am I saying the PS3 Super Slim is the worst. Sony are out there to get as many sales as possible; producing and retailing a PS3 console for around £130.00 is a huge accomplishment in my eyes and if downgrading the PS3 slightly gets this beautiful console in many other homes then so be it.

Which PS3 console is the best then?

Just to point out here is my overall opinion on each iteration of the PS3 Consoles:

PS3 Phat
– The best looking console out of the bunch, I love the touch buttons and the slick black finish.
– Fastest and most responsive.
– Not reliable! I’ve had a few YLOD issues myself!
– Can get very loud when it gets dusty in there (compressed air can solve this).

Overall: A strong all round console, but if you want something reliable don’t buy this second hand!

PS3 Slim
– The quietest console (shh!)
– A neat looking PS3 that doesn’t attract dust!
– Very reliable, these are solid machines that don’t tend to overheat.
– Very fast, but can freeze up a tiny bit now and again.

Overall: My favorite console, it has kept the disc slot mechanism and is the most reliable (I love reliable electronics!

PS3 Super Slim
– The loudest console (grrr *disc rumble*)
– Has lost the disc slot mechanism and replaced with the Playstation 1 style flip top – Least you wont have your disc stuck!
– Very reliable so far, although it is early days.
– Probably the slowest/least responsive out the bunch. But it plays everything perfect – why complain?
– The cheapest console released – a great replacement if your PS3 Phat broke down.

Overall: I love the price, the console looks slick shame about the noise and disc loading mechanism)

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