iPad – Condition Grade List

Items To Include: Your iPad should come with a charger and fully working battery at minimum. Any other additional peripherals such as a box may earn you extra money!


  • The device should turn on and off – so all buttons should be working
  • All functionality should be intact such as making calls, WIFI, camera, microphone should work
  • Have no software issues – fully functional operating system
  • No screen damage. Such as cracks, chips, pixel issues or any other screen defects
  • Have a working touch screen, no dead-zones etc.
  • No damage to rear glass or camera
  • Housing must be intact, so no bends in the phone
  • Include the battery
  • No water damage, water indicators should be intact and not red


  • Must include its battery
  • Housing must be intact, so the device must not be bent, crushed or snapped
  • Not have missing parts or components, for example missing screen
  • Examples of faulty devices: Water damaged device, cracked screen, blank display, software issues