iPhone 6 fully operational model leaked video


We are so close to Apple’s big event – and yet we have a further leak showing the iPhone 6 in its most complete form – yes! This device is a fully functional model of the iPhone 6. It has been demonstrated in a video and compared with an iPhone 5s. Some folks are claiming this to be the real deal and some are claiming this to be a ‘clone iPhone 6’.

Here is the video so you can decide for yourself:

From our point of view, it does look very genuine and does match up with our previous leaks we have posted such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s model comparison video: http://gadgetmill.co.uk/apple-iphone-6-iphone-5s-comparison/

So what do you think? Is this the real deal? Regardless everything will be revealed tomorrow at Apple’s big event.

So if you think this phone is something you would like to upgrade to, why not sell your iPhone here today!

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