iPhone 6S Plus leak suggests Apple tackles Bendgate issue


A recent leak shared by Future Supplier showcasing a rear cover for the new iPhone 6S Plus suggests that Apple is finally tackling the ‘Bendgate’ issue found in the iPhone 6 Plus. When this issue did come to light through social media – users snapping photos of their iPhone 6 Plus bending whilst in their back pocket and such. However Apple denied this problem existed and if it did, only affected a handful of people.

However the images shown below suggest that a fundamental problem might have existed and Apple are tackling this issue through an updated version.


The image above shows a comparison of the iPhone 6S Plus on the left hand side, and the iPhone 6 Plus on the right. Future Supplier have suggested the rear backing for the iPhone 6S plus is smoother than its predecessor and also made of a stronger material. Another difference between the 2 models is the location for a few screws being adjusted slightly – which also suggests that the next iPhone will be part of the ‘S line’.


The image above shows both the inner and outer sides of the iPhone 6S Plus rear casing.

Judging by these leaks and the comments mentioned by Future Supplier, it does indeed suggest that Apple might indeed be tackling the Bendgate problem after all – or could just be ensuring another case doesn’t arise with their newer lineup. What do you think? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below!