Is the iPod era coming to an end?


The iPod declining trend

The iPod era started back in 2001 when Steve Jobs announced the 1st Generation iPod Classic in the Apple music event. iPods have since evolved since then to not only newer generations but also other variations catered to suit different needs. However unfortunately for Apple it seems the time has come where the iPod era is slowing down to a halt as recently Tim Cook stated that the iPod is becoming a ‘Declining Business’ which is evident by the sales trend shown in the chart above.

Factors behind the decline

We feel the main factor behind this trend is the fact that iPhone sales are increasing leaving users without the need for an additional iPod device. All iPhones come with the iPod functionality built in – and it seems most people can make do using their iPhone for music whilst commuting and so on.

There are also other MP3 players available which are more moderately priced and get the job done such as the Sony Walkman which mind you have been quite innovative lately – with their latest Sony Walkman waterproof headphones (built in MP3 Player).

Can Apple turn it around or is it too late?

So Apple have noticed a decline, but are they willing to do anything about it? We believe there is a possibility however this will require an innovative game changer product.

Apple iWatch saviour?

This innovative product could be the Apple iWatch if done right. For example if Apple could incorporate the iPod functionality into this device, added various fitness sensors and features and coupled it with bluetooth headphones then they might be on to a winner. Now we know this plan isn’t going to bring the iPod brand back to new heights but it will help breathe life into a new brand.

iPod Adaptions

If the Apple iWatch was to follow this route, the iPod brand can still co-exist. However in order to do so we believe the iPods would need to focus more towards portability, battery life and memory size – as these things will be what current phone owners will look for in a music orientated device.

Portability is required as it will allow phone owners to carry an additional device without worrying too much!

Battery life is important as phone owners would not want the hassle to charge their phone and music device on a daily basis.

Memory size is important as it should cater for various people with different needs – instead of having groups of memory sizes such as: (16gb, 32gb, 64gb) (2gb, 4gb, 8gb) we believe iPods should come in various sizes such as (4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB) this way prices are reflected based on needs rather than the actual model as for example some people who require an iPod Nano don’t have a need for 16GB of memory which they are currently forced to use.

What do you think of Apple’s situation regarding the iPod? Is this the way to go to turnaround the brand or is there something we missed out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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