Kingston is making 1TB USB Memory sticks – USB 3.0

Kingston an American company known for their memory related products are set to make 1TB (Terabyte) USB memory sticks! Not only will these memory sticks be the biggest but also the fastest (no point having a big memory stick if you can’t fill it quick enough).

The USB stick has already been named HyperX Predator – I say it does sound very fitting for a little beastly USB stick such as this.

As Kingston are preparing to make this the fastest USB memory stick they are boasting speeds of 240MB/s – read speed and 160MB/s – write speed.

Just to note: Kingston already do supply USB memory sticks with a capacity of 512GB, which is half the size of this but still pretty impressive if your looking not to hurt your wallet as much as this would. Unfortunately no pricing is available at the moment for the HyperX Predator but it surely wont be cheap!

Below is an image showing how small the USB stick actually is. Lets just hope no one ends up losing this little gadget – I hope failure rates aren’t bad neither as I personally wouldn’t want to lose 1TB of data.