Latest jailbreak release Evasi0n has caused Cydia sources to crash!

The latest jailbreak release from the development team ‘Evad3rs has caused quite an upset for new jailbreakers and the old. Most of the Apple community who own an iOS 6.X device were waiting patiently for an untethered jailbreak to be released, recently the ‘Evasi0n’ jailbreak was uncovered along with a website stating the progress of the jailbreak. The team later promised to release the jailbreak on the day of the superbowl.

As promised they have delivered, although some of you may find it hard to grab the ‘Evasi0n’ tool due to popular demand and crashing servers. If you are lucky enough to grab hold of the software and have jailbroken your iOS 6.X device be prepared for another wait as sadly it seems like a lot of Cydia sources have crashed. This is most likely down to a lot of traffic causing the servers to go down. It just goes to show how many of you were actually waiting and keeping up to date with the latest jailbreak!

The type of errors given by Cydia is as following:

http/1.1 500 Internal Server Error

POSIX: Operation timed out

Here is an image of what you may see:

Which indicates a definite server problem. This goes for both the new jailbreakers and the old.

The only way to fix this error is to sit tight and wait until people give up, then pounce Cydia again!

Are you having any other troubles with the jailbreak? Or perhaps it is working perfectly fine for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Update: How to fix the Cydia 500 Internal Server Error or POSIX: Operation timed out!

I have managed to find a workaround for all of you gadget lovers out there who can’t stand the wait. There are some sources out there that are still up and running for example:

Add the repo links to your source and see what you can find. There may be other sources you can find, if you find anything else feel free to share in the comment section below. The wait is still on but maybe we can scavenge sources while the official repo sources are offline!

12 Responses to “Latest jailbreak release Evasi0n has caused Cydia sources to crash!”

  1. Tom Buutkamp

    Evasi0n crashes itself when I try to jailbreak my iPad Mini (6.1 WiFi). I’m going to retry with a fresh iOS installation.

    • Aasim

      I think you should just wait it out to be honest. I will find another alternative and will update you guys soon! So keep checking back!

  2. richard

    used evasi0n jailbreak all good until today cydia has now gone very little on my iphone and is in the top left corner any1 else had this problem

  3. Aasim

    Hey Richard, there is no way the jailbreak would stay after a restore. Your best bet for a restore would be to use plugging your phone into your computer/laptop and use iTunes!

  4. richard

    restoring from bakup did not remove evasion jailbreak, i upgraded my ios to 6.1
    i then re-jailbroke my device usin evasi0n.
    works fine now no probs, but this time i wont install Activator as this was the problem.
    hope this helps other users with same probs.


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