New iPhone 6 rear shell leaked photos show scratch resistant Apple logo and recessed volume keys


Feld & Volk a luxury modified iPhone vendor – who recently shared high quality photos and a video of an apparent rear shell of the iPhone 6 a month ago has now received a 4.6 inch iPhone 6 rear shell.

Compared to the photos and videos shared last month whilst the rear shell was in an intermediate production stage, this shell highlights features not highlighted in any of the previous leaks.

For example the new leaks indicate that Apple may be implementing recessed volume keys as to help prevent accidental volume changes:


This change has also been seen on recent leaks of the iPad Air 2.

Another change highlighted by the recent leak is the embedded Apple Logo – which is pretty similar to the first original iPhone released. But it has been claimed that the metal used for the Apple logo is made out of scratch resistant metal it has been speculated that this is made out of LiquidMetal but there is no supporting evidence at this point of time.


The photo below shows the camera ring which measured 6.66mm in diameter and reportedly fits perfectly in the rear camera hole on this shell. One thing you may notice is that the camera is protruding and doesn’t sit flush as previous iPhone devices go.


The last image shows a set of parts including a long flex cable – however it is not clear whether this flex cable is for the iPhone in question or the new iPad Air 2. From personal experience with the folds in the flex cable it might very well be for the iPhone 6!


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  1. Aasim

    I am personally tempted to buy the next iPhone – but a screen size of 5.5inch coming from an Xperia Z Ultra is a bit daunting!


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