New Nvidia portable console – Project Shield announced!

Just a few hours before CES 2013 finally gets on the way Nvidia has gone and announced a brand new portable console – ‘Project Shield’.

This handheld console is Android based running on stock Jelly Bean and is powered by the Tegra 4 processor. Now if your expecting this little beast to just play Android games from the Android Play Store – behold it can also play PC games – well technically anyway! It has the ability to stream PC games via WIFI from a computer which has a GeForce GTX 650 (or higher) video card. So this allows you to have a Wii-U experience playing all your favorite PC games from anywhere within your household (this will also work with Steam games – just so you know!)

As you would expect the Android OS comes with the usual apps and the ability to download more apps and games from the Android Play Store.

Technical information

Nvidia Tegra 4 processor – Custom 72-core GeForce GPU (first quad-core application of the ARM Cortex-A15 CPU)

5 inch Multi touch Screen – 294 dpi (dots per inches – retinal) – Resolution 1280×720 (720p – HD)

HDMI output – Apparently capable of displaying 4k resolution

Micro SD card slot

That’s all we know right now folks! Maybe CES will hold more details regarding this new portable device.

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