Newly launched Apple Museum in Prague holds rare private collection

mac museum display

Prague has recently been blessed with an Apple Museum showing off a large and rare private collection of Apple products ranging from the 1976 era to 2012. The unique exhibition is located in the Center of Pop Art and is decorated with numerous quotes by Steve Jobs as well as artistic product displays.

There are many gems to be seen at the exhibition such as the special edition iPod Beatles Box set. This originally retailed for $798 which was made available in 2008. You can also find 1st generation iPod Classics, Apple Lisa (1 of 100,000 made) an Apple II and various less known Apple products and accessories such as the Apple camera.

It has been said that the exhibition has more than 12,000 metres of computing cabling installed in the museum. On-site there is also a Bistro which includes raw vegan food which was Steve Jobs’ preferred diet. The exhibition also has an interactive play area for kids – which most likely involves the inclusion of Apple products!

The Apple Museum has cleverly segmented the exhibition based on product lines as seen below:

The image below illustrates the iPod timeline as well as the branches of the various iPod models.


This image shows the Apple Mac III as well as the wide range of other Macintosh products in the background.


This section shows the range of Apple printers made available.

apple printers

If you are unable to visit, a user has uploaded plenty of images from the Apple exhibition on imgur. If you are able to visit then please do get back to us with your experiences and pictures to feature!