Print your very own Nokia Lumia 820 custom case!

3D Printers

Heard the craze about 3D printers? These are devices that allow you to essentially print objects via plastic material that can be used in real life! Anything from toy planes to clothes pegs. But wait! Nokia has very recently released a kit – this kit contains all the necessary information required to print your very own custom case for the Nokia Lumia 820.

The Nokia Lumia 820

The Nokia Lumia 820 one of Nokia’s mainstream mobile phones features a removable shell case which allows users to remove their case and change it with another color of their liking (think old Nokia mobile phones – Fascias). The only restriction/problem I see with this is it is pretty doubtful that you could create a wireless charging cover well at least without some form of modification.

What About The Case Manufacturers

That was my first thought; wouldn’t 3rd party case manufacturers and even Nokia themselves be at least a bit annoyed that people are printing their products at home? Well the answer to that is Nokia indeed doesn’t want to sacrifice the case market however they do know that 3D printing is a niche market therefore a few people have 3D printers at home, so it wouldn’t essentially ruin the accessories market at all.

Quick Cash?

Now when I first heard about 3D printers a while back; I didn’t see this printer breaking into the market and earning its place in every household. But now that I think about it deeply with my business cap on, I could see this printer becoming an investment. If it is in the right hands of course! As I believe you could essentially create covers; replacement parts and more out of plastic and sell them on eBay! This would only be the case though if 3D printers get the support from other manufacturers as it has from Nokia.

So imagine owning a 3D printer now, you could essentially create loads of custom design Nokia Lumia 820 covers and listing them on eBay. See which ones are the most popular and carry on creating those and watch the cash roll in! Maybe it is a fantasy right now; but I’m sure a lot of money can be made if the printer is in the right hands and mind!

Oh and just so you know if you would like a 3D printer be prepared to fork out over £1200 ($2000) to get your hands on a household 3D printer.

3D Printing Future

Well if 3D printing gets similar support from other manufacturers; or even a social group where they share templates etc. I believe it would be a huge push in the right direction; I however can’t see this getting mainstream at the current price. As soon as 3D printers become more affordable and there is a lot of support I’m sure we would see these devices popping up in many households!

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