PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders already on eBay

Here at Gadget Mill we love our gaming and of course getting the best deals. As we are extremely hyped up this generation for the next round of consoles to make their way to the stores; we decided to go ahead and pre-order this time round.

After a bit of hunting around we found some amazing pre-order deals where some retailers were selling consoles for less than the retail price. So be sure to keep an eye out as you could save some money which you could then of course put towards your games. However we also found a good share of bad deals where retailers were charging more than the retail price and of course people on eBay taking advantage! If you check on eBay you will see exactly what we mean, as there are quite a few listings available for PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders.

PS4 pre-order listings (Beware)

Xbox One pre-order listings (Beware)

Pre-order middle man trying to cash in!

We personally find this ridiculous due to the fact that the seller obviously hasn’t even received the console yet and yet people are purchasing consoles from them as if they are a retailer! What makes it worse is the fact that they are most likely pre-ordering the console directly from a retailer anyway! On top of that people who are purchasing these console listings through eBay are in fact paying more than the retail price for the console, even though there is still more than enough time to pre-order the console yourself and receive it the first day of release!

Some listings I came across even included bundles with games and some with both consoles and games! So I have no idea how they can be so certain those games will be released for that console on launch day except for the obvious yearly released games.

eBay Bargain? Highly doubtful!

I can also bet that if you were to win any of these auctions for less than the retail price you will most likely end up refunded by the seller – as obviously there is no profit to be made for them! So don’t be fooled into using eBay to pre-order your console as you have more rights doing so pre-ordering with the retailer whereas having a middle man involved would probably not guarantee you a first day receipt anyway!

eBay bargains fail

What to expect when the PS4 and Xbox One consoles are released?

As people are trying to cash in already – it might actually be a good idea to pre-order your console; especially if you definitely want to receive it on the first day of release. This is definitely the case for the PS4 in the UK as they seem to be selling like hot cakes – every retailer I asked mentioned that the PS4 is selling more pre-orders than the Xbox One which is a bit bizarre too as there is no official word on the exact release date.

If you do unfortunately miss out and are desperate to get one – it seems like your best chances might be ending up running around each store trying to find one in stock (remember the movie Jingle all the way?) or fork out a ridiculous price for one on eBay; or better yet else you could actually wait a bit longer? No? Ok maybe not!

Pre-order bargains?

If you are looking for a bargain pre-order – the key is to use voucher codes and redemption services such as Quidco and Top Cash Back (for the UK). I hope you guys find a great deal and please let us know in the comments section below which deal you went with and when you would be expecting your pre-ordered console!

Happy gaming from Gadget Mill!

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