10 Retro Gadgets You May Still Own Worth A Small Fortune

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If you are into your gadgets and tech, it is likely that you may have some old retro junk still lying around. Perhaps in your loft or basement in a box somewhere? Or maybe in one of your drawers that has been left untouched for decades!

It may be a cliche now, but like the saying goes: ‘One man’s junk is another man’s treasure’. So it might be worth rummaging through your household to find these treasures to make some quick and easy cash!

Of course it goes without saying, we are a gadget recycling company so if you have any old or new tech to sell such as iPods – we’d be more than happy to buy.

However for the more retro tech items and as a company of good faith, we’d recommend you to look at selling on eBay to get the best deal for such gadgets.

Check out the list of items you can sell below:

10. Apple iPod Classic 1st Generation

apple ipod classic 1st

This big bulky personal music player was the first iPod created by Apple. A gadget presented by Steve Jobs himself revolutionised the personal music player industry setting a new trend. This version was just the beginning with a click wheel for ease of use and various configurations available including 5GB, 10GB and 20GB. If you have this lying around, feel free to sell it to us by clicking here to sell your iPod.

9. Nokia 8910

nokia 8910i

This phone was announced in 2003 made out of titanium casing. It isn’t the most popular handset as it was certainly quite pricey for it’s time. However if you still have this cool strong sliding phone still lying around (it certainly won’t be broken). You’d be happy to know that this is worth around the £100/$130 used and around £500-800/$650-1050 boxed in excellent condition.


8. Old Vintage Typewriters


vintage typewriter

Seeing as typewriters are decades old, the chances are you may not have used one personally. However this might be something carried over from another family member in which case, it might be best to check the model and see how much yours is worth. Depending on the make and model as well as age and condition, this may very well be the quickest earner you ever made.


7. iPhone 2G – The first iPhone

iphone 2g

This is the original iPhone which was shown off by Steve Jobs himself. This phone is considered to be iconic as it literally started a trend for the smartphone market ever since. Considering your iPhone works fine and depending on the condition, these can still fetch around the £100/$130 mark.

6. Casio Game Calculator Watch

casio game calculator watch

This watch was very sought after back in the day for ‘educational purposes’. Multiplication table? Forget about it! Long divisions? Not anymore. Remember when the teacher would say would you have a calculator with you when you needed it most. Well the joke is on them. These watches as they are quite rare can cost around the £150/$200 mark depending on the model.


5. Rare Nintendo 64 Consoles

Rare Nintendo 64 Console N64

Remember playing Goldeneye 64 with all your friends fighting to get the golden gun? Well this time round it might be more beneficial to fight for the golden console. If your N64 console is anything other than the standard dark grey console, then it could be likely that it is worth more than usual. There are many types of consoles from Pokemon editions to translucent colours. Each worth their own based on rarity.


4. Sony Walkman


sony walkman rare

If you still have your Sony Cassette Walkman lying around, chances are it could be worth quite a bit of money considering all works well. This obviously depends on the model, the more features and rarity – the better the price you will get. These are currently fetching between £40/£50 to £90/$120.


3. Tamagotchi 1996


tamagotchi 1996

These virtual little pets were all the craze when I was younger. If you didn’t have one then you were surely missing out. These virtual pets had to be taken care of, made sure they were fed and more otherwise… Let’s just say your virtual tech pet will be no more and you’d have to start over. The 1996 models are quite rare and often sought after, especially if this was brand new and sealed. Keep your eyes out for this if you have it.

2. 20th Anniversary Apple Macintosh (TAM)

20th anniversary apple macintosh

This Macintosh was released by Apple as a 20th anniversary celebration. It comes with a cool snazzy design and is paired with a Bose speaker, remote control, keyboard and trackpad combo.

If you have the set lying around somewhere unused, be sure to put this up for sale as these are going for around the £900/$1199 mark.

1. Original Gameboy

original gameboy

The Original Gameboy is definitely something that was popular with the kids. So chances are that if you were a gamer in this era, you may still have one lying around. This gameboy has the monochrome screen (so no colour) took cartridges and was quite bulky indeed. The average price these are selling for are around £40.00/$50.00 Of course it goes without saying, the better condition it is in. The more cash you will get.

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