Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumor Alert!

If you have been keeping up with phone tech, you may have heard that Samsung will soon be announcing and releasing their new flagship phone – Galaxy S4.


The new rumor floating around the ‘inter-web’ is that the new Galaxy S4 will come equipped with a S-Pen (a smart pen that is usually included with the Galaxy Note series).

5 Inch screen

This will be a Full HD Screen with a resolution of 1080×1920! It will of course be using the AMOLED technology with 441ppi (pixel per inch).


The S4 will have a 13MP primary camera


Of course the processor will be updated to a EXYNOS 5440 quad-core processor

Device thickness

The thickness will be INCREASED to 9.1MM compared to the predecessor Galaxy S3 which is only 8.6mm thick!

My Thoughts on this rumor?

I’d say the screen, camera and processor sound about right (it is an obvious change in my opinion anyway). But I just don’t see Samsung including an S-Pen when they already have the Galaxy Note! Nor do I see them increasing the device thickness (the thickness would increase if an S-Pen was included).

But lets just wait and see what is announced! Stay tuned!