Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Condition List

Like New: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 should be in like new condition with no noticeable damage whatsoever. It should also include the box and original accessories.

Great: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 should be reasonably clean with few small scratches to the casing which are barely noticeable. No scratches on the screen should be visible.

Good: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is still in a clean and tidy condition but has signs of use. Some small dents to the casing are permitted.

Fair: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 may have several scratches and/or dents to the casing with some scratches on the screen. No dents or scrapes on the screen.

Poor: The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has severe signs of use. There are a lot of scratches over the casing and on the screen. Although the device is still fully functional.

Faulty: Housing must be intact, so the phone must not be bent, crushed or snapped. Not have missing parts or components, for example missing screen. Examples of faulty mobile phones: Water damaged phone, cracked screen, blank display, software issues