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Sell your iPad online with ease. We purchase all iPad models for top prices!

Including a guaranteed payment of the quoted price, otherwise we will return your iPad free of charge. Simply select your iPad below to see how much it is worth and submit an order to sell your Apple iPad.

Sell My iPad Online

You can sell your iPad online through our trustworthy gadget recycling service. We offer an easy to follow process which involves an easy to follow 3 step selling process.

The first step involves receiving a quote for your iPad. To do this simply select your iPad, choose the memory size and condition of your iPad in order to receive an instant quote. Once you are happy with the quote, simply submit an order to sell your Apple tablet.

Once your order has been processed on our system, you will receive an email confirming the address to post your iPad to. This will also include an order form to fill in and enclose with your iPad. If you don't have a printer don't worry, you can enclose your required details on a piece of paper. Simply go ahead and post your iPad with the order form to Gadget Mill.

As soon as your iPad is received, we will go ahead and start the testing process to ensure the iPad works as expected. Once completed, we will go ahead and process payment as requested on your order form. Payment options when selling your iPad include Bank Transfer, PayPal and Cheque.

Remove iPad iCloud

When sending in your iPad to Gadget Mill, it is important to ensure that your iPad is not linked to your iCloud account. Currently we are not able to process any payment for your iPad if it is found to be linked to your iCloud account.

If you do happen to send in your iPad with the iCloud account linked, we would reach out to you via email to have this removed remotely. If in the case that your iPad cannot be removed from your iCloud account, we would need to go ahead and return your iPad.

To remove your iCloud account from your iPad, simply follow the guide provided by Apple which explains what to do before selling your iPad to Gadget Mill.

The iCloud lock is only applicable to iPads which have iOS version 8 or later. Any iPad devices which have a lower version should still be erased before being sent in to sell. However we do ensure to protect your data by wiping your tablet as part of our testing process

iPad Best Price Promise!

Have you received a quote to sell your iPad for a better price elsewhere? Although this is unlikely, we are happy to price match reputable gadget recyclers who have a above average reputation.

We actively monitor prices offered by our competitors, this is to ensure you are receiving the best trade-in price for your Apple iPad tablet when selling to Gadget Mill. You also will not find us on gadget recycling comparison websites, as we value a direct transaction with our customers.

So if you are looking to upgrade your iPad or need some extra cash, you can be sure that you are receiving the best price when selling your iPad to Gadget Mill directly.