The Top 10 Funkiest Gadgets Of All Time


It is no secret that humans are dependant on gadgets in this day and age. From our phones to our vacuum cleaners, gadgets are clearly becoming a necessity in everyone’s life. They make our lives easier, help brighten up our day and assist with everyday activities.

These electronics have overwhelmed a lot of our life so much so that the 10 funky gadgets below are being well overlooked – especially when they are made to stand out! Check out our funkiest of the funk below:

10 – Bright Idea Laptop Light



The Bright Idea Laptop Light is made to simply plug into your laptop or PC’s USB port.

Doing so you get a nice glowing night light bulb to help you work through the night.

Pretty funky right? The bulb can be adjusted and positioned to your liking via the coiling cable.

9 – R2D2 Vacuum Cleaner



Star Wars Fan? Messy Eater? Perfect Match!

This R2D2 Vacuum cleaner is USB powered and great to have around when your snack eating gets in the way – literally!

Looks great and can be put to good use when in need, let’s just hope he does a good job!

8 – Bath Lights Show



A fan of taking baths in the dark? How about with your favourite jams running in the background?

Well then this bath lights show gadget will add to your atmosphere by creating a disco light show in the water.

Cool and fun, We’d be wary of any electric shocks personally – do the robot!

7 – Sphero 2.0



The Sphero 2.0 is a ball that can be controlled by your phone.

You control it like a remote control car, running it around wherever you please. Has built in multicolour LEDs so choose your favourite colour/s.

Waterproof and compatible with Android and IOS. There is no reason not to give this a go!

6 – Shock Gum



Hey, want some gum? Gotcha!

Fool your friends with this pack of gum that shocks upon grabbing the alluring gum.

You bet your mates won’t be asking for your spare gum ever again!

5 – LED Clock Fan



Feeling hot? Want to know what time it is?

Then your in luck! This gadget solves both problems in one shot.

Simply plug this into the USB port of your laptop or hard drive, the fan starts whirring and the LEDs light up in such a way that imitates a clock.

Just not sure if you would want to know what time it is the same way on a cold day!

4 – Self Stir Mug



Ok seriously, it does not get lazier than this!

Don’t want to wash a spoon or waste your energy stirring your sugar in your tea?

Then simply press a button and let this magical cup handle the rest.

Runs on batteries – needs energy from somewhere right? Just please don’t drop the mug!

3 – Floating Bluetooth Speaker



Looking for a Bluetooth speaker you can use to listen to your favourite tunes?

Why not do it in style with a floating/levitating speaker.

Connect your phone via Bluetooth and watch this cool looking speaker float and the LEDs flash to the rhythm.

2 – Electric Jellyfish Tank



Ever wanted some goldfish? Why not step it up with some jellyfish instead?

The best part is you don’t need to feed them or even clean them!

These electric jellyfish run on batteries or you can even get yourself a USB powered version.

Float like a jellyfish, sting like a jellyfish?

1 – Sony Rolly

The funkiest gadget we remember is the dancing robot speaker made by Sony themselves! Rolly!

Load your favourite song and let the Rolly dance and choreograph for you.

The video above shows the little guy in action with a few buddies dancing to Michael Jackson’s famous ‘Beat It’

So as you can see, there are tons of crazy and funky gadgets to choose from. Who knows maybe one of the above could be a necessity one day! Got anything you’d like to add? Why not comment below and let us know for a chance for a special mention in our article.