Toys ‘R’ Us leaks PS4 and Xbox One UK launch date

Toys ‘R’ Us leaked next gen console release dates

Toys ‘R’ Us has apparently leaked the release dates for both the PS4 and the Xbox One in the UK on its website.

PS4 release date

We already know from the Sony E3 conference that the PS4 was to be made available for sale this Holiday 2013. However Sony remained tight lipped in regards to an exact release date however Toys ‘R’ Us has gone ahead and apparently leaked the PS4 launch date on its website: PS4 Toys R Us. The website claims the launch date for the PS4 will be on 13 December 2013.

Xbox One release date

We also knew and figured out from the Microsoft E3 Conference that the Xbox One was to be made available in around November time and most likely before the PS4. The official website also leaks the Xbox One launch date: Xbox One Toys R Us. The website claims the Xbox one will be released on 29 Novemeber 2013.

Toys R Us spokesman confirmation

A spokesman for Toys R Us has also gone ahead and confirmed that the release dates were accurate and confirmed by their suppliers when speaking in an interview. Both Sony and Microsoft have commented stating they will not be stating any further details other than what has already been said – as in PS4 to be released Holiday 2013 and Xbox One to be released November 2013.

I believe what makes these release dates plausible is the scenario that the Xbox One will be released before the PS4 as this was pretty evident by the more precise release date announced by Microsoft at the E3 conference. Checking the calendar this would mean that both the Xbox One and PS4 would be released on a Friday and both releases would literally be 2 weeks apart.

So what do you think of these release dates stated on the Toys R Us website? The company seems to be pretty certain that the release dates put up on the website are true as they are using information provided by the suppliers – also both manufacturers haven’t denied the release dates to be true but then again haven’t confirmed it neither. I guess we will have to wait until Gamescom a few weeks away for a confirmation from both Sony and Microsoft! Let us know what you think in the comments section below in regards to the release dates and whether the 2 week gap has any effect on your choice of console!

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