Unwanted console for Christmas? Trade in your PS4 or Xbox One for quick cash!


We are quickly approaching the Christmas holidays and we understand that usually gamers favour one console over the other. Therefore we have decided to offer to buy your unwanted PS4 or Xbox One consoles for quick cash within 24 hours or less! As long as your PS4 or Xbox One console is in fully working order, just send it into us and we will make payment via either (Bank account transfer, PayPal or Cheque).

So that’s one less worry for gamers this Christmas as our prices are pretty close to the retail price if in ‘Like New’ condition, which most likely will be the case if your just not interested in the console you just received!

This offer is for residents in the UK only.

Sell your PS4 console

You can sell your unwanted PS4 console for £300.00 here!

Just remember to include your Dual Shock 4 controller along with the power lead and cables.

Sell your Xbox One console

You can also sell your unwanted Xbox One console for £370.00 here!

Just remember to include the Xbox One controller, Kinect, power lead and cables.

Happy holidays from the Gadget Mill team!

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