Upcoming oil crisis will leave existing technology useless!

The Upcoming Oil Crisis

As oil prices have seen a trend of rising prices; you may question what seems to be pushing the prices higher and higher as time goes on. Our first instinct might be the fact that the oil companies are getting greedier day by day; especially due to the economic climate and inflation. But truth be told the scenario is much deeper than that!

Fossil oil as you would know is a finite energy source – meaning it will at some point run out. The upcoming ‘peak oil’ crisis doesn’t refer to the oil actually running out but the amount of oil we can extract.

As you can see illustrated by the graph above, we are currently around the peak in terms of extracting oil. This means oil prices will continue to rise not only due to the demand but the amount we can extract decreasing as time goes.

How does the oil crisis effect technology?

As oil prices continue to sky rocket so would materials such as plastic as this is also made out of oil. Plastic can be found everywhere in your technology and gadgets such as your computer, mobile phone, musical keyboard etc. This itself would increase the price of your gadgets never mind the other increase cost of shipping the electronics from one place to another via vehicles using oil.

Now you might be thinking that the cost of your gadgets might rise a little compared to usual, this surely cant be a crisis? Well as a matter of fact it is! As oil prices continue to rise this would also bring up the cost of our everyday necessities such as food, clothes and medicine. Which would mean technology itself would become a luxury.

If we add the existing economic situation with the oil crisis a government collapse is also inevitable; but what happens when the government collapses? Well mail won’t be delivered; air traffic would halt; maintenance will be neglected and more. If existing technology isn’t maintained then surely the network infrastructure we have built over the years will rapidly fail. This includes cellular phone services; internet services, public transport and more! Not that any of this would matter as there will surely be plenty of riots in search for food and the common necessities mentioned previously.

Of course this is just scraping the barrel and I’m sure there will be much more to the situation; but this gives an overall picture of what to expect in the upcoming future.

So what can we do to avoid the oil crisis?

Well instead of sitting around playing on our mobile phones; PlayStations and watching TV all day. We could actually prepare for the crisis. We can do this by becoming more energy aware by switching off electronics when not in use; recycling more of our materials and stocking up on food and water. This won’t avoid the oil crisis but would help slow the process down.

The crisis itself is unavoidable under the current economic situation and mentality. So your best bet would be to be prepared mentally and learn the basics of survival which includes things like learning how to start a fire. It might also be a good idea to invest in a push bike and solar powered gadgets to keep the boredom away!


The oil crisis is inevitable and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Any ideas on avoiding the crisis? Or ideas on how to survive through the transition phase? Just drop a comment!