Why Gadget Mill does not buy original Xbox 360 Consoles

As you can see from our website we are essentially a gadget recycling website – although as it stands it is more of a hobby than an actual company. Therefore we care more about the gadgets themselves than other aspects such as profits – we are a recycling company by the people and for the people.

Now as mentioned above we really care about our gadgets and are regularly emailed by numerous customers if we would be willing to buy their Xbox 360 console and why we haven’t listed it on the website.

The answer to that is no and the simple reason for this can be explained in one picture:

Xbox 360 20GB, (2012 January – 2013 August)

Xbox 360 RROD

This is our 3rd Xbox 360 Console – and as you can probably guess the previous ones suffered the same fate. Now as much as we love our gaming – spending money on the original Xbox 360 console can feel like a subscription in itself especially with our luck and the regular red ring of death failures we have experienced.

Now we aren’t exactly Sony fanboys here – hence the Xbox 360 console in the picture and the Black Wii box just behind in the picture – but with the failures we experienced it did make it quite hard to support Microsoft this current generation – hence why we haven’t listed the newer slim consoles (which are actually less prone to failures) as we sold our games etc.

Also just so you know we do look after all our gadgets – so trust us when we say the Xbox 360 wasn’t abused or anything and was kept in a well ventilated area at all times!

How about the Xbox One?

As we are completely open minded we will definitely be listing the Xbox One console on our website as soon as it is released. We haven’t actually pre-ordered an Xbox One this time around as we have with the PS4 but will still be looking to snap one up from anyone who is looking to sell theirs!

So what do you guys think? Are we being too sensitive in terms of our buying choice? Or do you agree that spending money on Xbox 360 consoles can be a risky move? Let us know in the comments section below!

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