Xbox One power supply replacement horror story


Xbox Console only purchase

We recently purchased an Xbox One (console only) from a customer who was in need of quick cash for personal reasons. The reason the console was sold without any accessories was simply because the accessories were mistakenly returned by the customer who were then left with just a console (it happens regularly! As Microsoft suggested when I spoke to them). Unfortunately the customer had to move abroad for these personal reasons.

However overall we got a pretty good deal on this console and were expecting to pay out a little bit more for the Power Supply and Controller. Sounded like a good plan until we went and scoured various stores and could not find a single original Xbox power supply for sale. The closest we got was online for £70.00 which was a blatant rip off.

Xbox support initial confusion

Eventually we gave up and decided to speak to Xbox customer support, hoping they would either be able to sell us a replacement power supply directly or at least point us to the right direction. We decided to use their convenient online chat tool and was greeted by a very helpful representative. Having explained the situation regarding the power supply and other accessories we were told we would be able to get one ordered along with the Kinect sensor too (a great bonus).

However just as the representative was about to process the order I was told they were unable to do this through the live chat as they didn’t have the correct utilities and were going to arrange a call back to have this done. I also won an Avatar t-shirt and was given a link to redeem by the way! So things looked pretty good however it turned out to be a virtual t-shirt I wasn’t too bothered about – especially as I was unable to play my newly purchased Xbox One in the first place!

After a few minutes I am called by Xbox customer support and go through the usual security procedures. I then have to go ahead and explain the situation again, not once, not twice but three times! Each time after explaining the situation I am put on hold for a good 5-10 minutes. After waiting a grueling 1 hour I am told that they can only process the power supply for now, which is great as after all it was initially what I was after. After providing them with my address and personal details I am now told it is not possible as they needed a service request reference from the previous owner (who I am no longer in contact with – as I explained to them numerous times already!). So I explain the situation yet again and I am told that they will look into this and call me back later on in the day.

Xbox support empty promises and stupidity?

Later on in the evening I receive another call back, having explained the situation once again I am told that this matter will be looked into and I should expect to hear back from Xbox customer support the next day. However this time no phone call, so I ended up speaking to their live chat support team again and provide them with the details and explain the situation and that I have not received a call back. The representative I am greeted with isn’t as friendly this time round and is pretty unhelpful. I am told bluntly to resolve this issue by purchasing a brand new Xbox One which includes the power supply etc. So in other words to fork out £429.00 for another console and leave the current one I have as a paperweight. What really got me during this fact was the fact that I was randomly called ‘William’ which is not my name as evident by the photo I took and shared with my friends. I decide to call it a day and disconnect from the chat in order to leave feedback to vent my frustration.


Having left poor feedback I am emailed by Xbox support telling me on the 24/01/2014 that I was scheduled a call on 26/01/2014 so I wait the two days and still no phone call. So here I am venting my frustration again hoping there is a place I can purchase an original power supply without getting ripped off. I am also contemplating selling the console on eBay as it goes for around £280.00 which would be great for someone who wants a backup console perhaps? Or maybe this article could go viral and I could finally land an Xbox power supply – but knowing my luck so far probably not!