iPhone 6 Front Panel and Components Leaked – Closeup Shots

With Apple’s next publicised event just around the corner – we are now blessed with more leaks from iPhone Vendor Feld & Volk.

These were the same individuals who previously leaked the iPhone 6 polised rear case and the iPhone 6 scratch resistant logo. The latest leak now shows the front panel and additional components.

The completed front panel looks to have tapered edges which indicates the iPhone 6 will have a slightly new look and feel in comparison to the predecessors.

iphone-6-front-panel iphone-6-tapered-edge

The edges look like they would fit in flush with a nice rounded shell – covered by previous leaks!


The iPhone 6 sim tray shows the high quality metal finish – also backing claims of an all metal design.


The power button component pictured above also follows the same high quality metal finish.


The mute switch pictured has changed in comparison to its predecessors, as the new switch appears to be pivoted on a pair of internal pins. This may be due to the design change.


The last image shows the internal components of the front panel display including the digizer/lcd flex cable, front camera and light/ambient sensors squeezed into a small amount of space!

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