The iPod survives! Apple refreshes iPod lineup with an all new colour scheme!


Tim Cook around 2014 stated that the iPod was a declining business. Which left a lot of iPod fans wondering whether or not Apple will continue selling iPods. Recently Apple stopped selling iPod Classic models altogether as well as removed the iPod main link from their website (replaced by the Apple Watch) which further fueled rumors of Apple leaving the iPod business altogether.

However after a long wait it seems the iPod has survived as Apple have finally refreshed the iPod lineup with a new iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle models. The biggest change noticed right away is the colour palette now in use for each model: Silver, Gold, Space Grey, Pink, Blue and Red. Slightly different from the previous generation possibly due to there being a few unpopular colours (Yellow and Green spring to mind!).

The iPods also have a few technical changes compared to the last generation Рparticularly the iPod Touch as detailed below:

iPod Touch 6th Generation

The iPod touch is now available with a whopping 128GB of memory. It does indeed make a great replacement for the iPod Classics recently discontinued by Apple. It also now uses the A8 as well as M8 motion chip (similar to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) packing it with a lot of power in comparison to the older generation’s A5 chip. This means iOS9 and future releases should be fully compatible with this model.

The rear camera on the device has also been bumped up to 8MP in comparison to the previous 5MP rear camera. This iPod can also record Slo-mo video (120FPS) which was lacking previously. The flash on the rear however looks to be similar to the previous generation.

Design wise it does look similar to the previous generation and has the same size screen. Although we see no reason to increase the screen size on an iPod Touch in our opinion!

iPod Nano 8th Generation and new iPod Shuffle

From our research, it seems both the new iPod Nano 8th Generation and the new iPod Shuffle. Both look to have similar specs to the previous generation including size and weight. The only difference we can see for both models is the updated colour scheme.

However there might be architectural and other differences we may see once we get a hands on! Please do let us know in the comment section if we have missed to pick up on this!

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